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At the core of MWW Creative's services is Graphic Design, whether we are designing for digital applications such as websites and social media or print applications including logo design and branding - our design work can make your business stand out in an already crowded environment.

How much does a logo cost?
This is the most common question we is also the hardest question to answer as every single business is different! Some businesses just want a quick logo to chuck on their website while others want a logo that will work on all sort of applications from websites and social media to car signage and business merchandise. For this reason we quote each job individually, contact us and we will be in touch with a quote within 1 business day.
What does the design process entail?
Once you have agreed on the quote price we will put together a small brief which will help guide the project. We will then begin design concepts, which will be revised until a final design is chosen. When the design is finalised we will provide finished artwork in the required format(s).
What is the clients role in the design process?
The client plays an important role in the design process, from assisting with putting together the brief to educating MWW Creative on your customer base and target audience your input is welcome at all stages of the process.
Why should I choose a freelancer over a studio?
here are many reasons to choose to use the services of a freelancer rather then a studio. The main reason would be price. As a freelancer there are very few overheads, you are not paying my power bills, accountant or salesperson you are only paying for the service you receive. Many customers also find they receive better customer service from freelancers as there is far more accountability.
Who owns the copyrights on the designs?
Once paid the copyright for your logo or artwork belongs to you, this means you are not tied to MWW Creative in the future and are free to switch designers down the track if necessary.
What Graphic Design services do you offer?
So many.....we offer a full range of design services for both print and digital applications. More details on what we offer can be seen below. If what you need does not appear on this list feel free to contact us directly and we will try find a solution for you.

Logo Design and Branding by MWW Creative

A great logo does more than introduce your business, a great logo design is immediately recognisable, inspiring trust, admiration, loyalty and superiority over competitors.

If you own a small or large business, it is imperative you have a well designed logo to identify your product or brand. This will ensure you are perceived by your customers as professional and may well be the deciding factor in their choosing of you over someone else.

A great logo is practical. A logo must be flexible in application and simplistic enough in design, to ensure strong branding through all elements of promotions and marketing.

The third and most important aspect of a logo is that you must love it, after all it is you who will use it as a tool to maintain your customer base and generate business.





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