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Freelance Web Design Geelong

Make no mistake, in todays business environment you need a high quality website that turns browsers into customers and elevates you above the competition.

What does the design & development process entail?
The design and development process involves 5 steps - research, initial concept design (supplied as a PDF file), website build, revisions and finalised website upload. Each phase involves a range of steps to ensure the whole process is completed to your satisfaction.
Do your websites look good on mobile phones?
Yes! Like most web designers these day we ensure our websites look good on all devices. Unlike many web designers though MWW Creative also adjusts content and even page layouts to ensure website objectives are streamlined on all devices.
How long does it take to get a website built?
If you have your content and images selected your website can be up and going in less then a week. We often find that sites can be delayed as content is put together and the website is planned. We recommend an initial planning session were we can organise as much content as possible.
What do you need from me (the client)?
As the client we like you to be invested in the project as much as possible for the simple reason that you know much more about your business, the industry and your target audience then us. Therefore we like for you to put together the content, if this is not possible we can do it but it may incur extra charges. This can all be discussed in an initial planning session.
Can we choose a design we like?
At MWW Creative we do not use templates so we cannot show you a list of sites and have you pick one. We like for you to supply us with a few sites you like, we then compare these with your competition and put together a design that incorporates all the best elements. This design will also be focused on your target audience and website goals.
How much does a website cost?
We don't commit to a price here because no 2 websites are the same, you may be after a quick site to obtain an online presence or after a website with dedicated landing pages to drive user interaction, we can also offer hosting and domain registration so the best thing to do is to contact MWW Creative and get a quote.

A Website by MWW Creative Includes The Following:

MWW Creative believe no 2 website builds are the same, although there are some common features:

Hosting and Domain Registration

Website Development utilising the latest CMS software

Responsive Web Design

Includes upto 8 Pages

Integrated email contact form

Homepage Slider (if required)

Social Media integration (if required)

5 X stock images

Initial SEO including keyword targeting and Google search engine registration

Template free design

Obligation Free Quotes