Facebook Ads Management

Your customers are on Facebook! How do we know this? Well currently there is over 15 million active Facebook users in Australia.

Facebook has more info about its users then any other website, including Google. Facebook allows businesses to target via demographics, interests, activities, shopping behaviour and more, making it the ultimate marketing platform.

But this level of complexity mean it is important your campaigns are managed by experts! MWW Creative offers social media management from just $250 per month.

Will Facebook Ads Work For My Business?

Unlike services like Google Ads, Facebook users are more willing to share personal info with businesses on Facebook. Because of this you will be able to target users because of who they are and what they do online, add in the power of Remarketing and Facebook Ads are a must for businesses of all sizes and industries.


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Ad Creation

Video? Image? Carousel? Testimonial? At this stage we work out the best targeting and creative to engage your audience and achieve your desired goals. We do this through researching your target audience and competitors. We create multiple versions of each ad, altering copy and imagery to create a set of best practices for your brand.



Set and Forget is not an option for Facebook Ads. We will constantly track your results by split testing creative and targeting and ensuring we are spending your  budget as efficiently as possible. Landing pages, special offers and ad types will all be tracked to ensure we are on track to achieving your goals within your budgets.



When we are onto a winning formula it is time to scale! This is not always as straightforward as it seems, simply doubling your budget is not always the best way to scale your ads, Facebooks algorithms are sensitive beasts that need to be carefully monitored and scaled. Through years of experience we will choose the correct strategy for you.

Like businesses, It is important to remember that no 2 Facebook campaigns are the same! We will work with you to create the right campaigns for you.

Want results like these?

We have told you already how advanced the Facebook targeting is but even better then the targeting is the FACT that you do not need to spend huge amount of money to see results on Facebook. In fact a budget of $5-10 is enough to start seeing results.

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