Messenger Bot


Messenger bots allow you to engage prospects, qualify leads, answer FAQ’s, book appointments, collect contact details and more! They are the ultimate addition to any marketing campaign.

We all know buying behaviours have changed, prospects are researching more before they commit to a purchase, touch points with a business before a purchase have increased and prospects need more convincing then ever. A messenger bot can ease the burden on small business owners and nurture prospects through th early stages of your funnel/plan.

Bots can even collect customer information such as an email address and send them directly to your email marketing list, saving time and effort!

If you aren’t already using Bots in your business, it is time to get started! They can run off ads, website popups, opt in forms, links and organic content – you can also target ads to specific segments of subscribers and send them messages. Messenger Bots are a great compliment to any marketing campaign – digital or otherwise!

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What is a Facebook Messenger Bot?

A bot is a an automated conversation you set up to encourage a conversion from your customer. The conversion could be a sale, the collection of contact details, the answering of FAQ’s or many others.

Bots are the ultimate marketing assistant in 2020!


How can a Bot help my business?

Bots allow you to qualify leads, organise appointments, welcome customers, trigger actions based on keywords or phrases, collect information and provide customer service by answering FAQ’s and pointing prospects in the right direction.


Why does my business need a Bot?

Bots solve problems and save you time. They provide your customers with automated but personalised service instantly at the time they need the info – there is no waiting for an admin to reply, this instantly increases the likelihood that you will turn that prospect into a purchaser.

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