MWW Creative’s marketing packages give you all the benefits of an in-house marketing team without the price tag!

What’s Included

We have over 10 years experience in Graphic Design, Web Design and Marketing studios and with this experience we are able to over a HUGE range of services. If though, we have not listed the service you are looking for please contact us and we will let you know if we are able to provide the service as part of one of our packages.


Print Content

Flyers, Brochures, Press Ads, Signage, Catalogues, POS Materials, Stationery …


Digital Content

Social Media posts, Web banners, product images, photoshop work, email graphics …


Social Media

Page setup & management, post, stories, planning, monitoring, reporting …


Video Content**

Short promo videos perfect for digital applications including websites and social media. Editing also available.


Email Marketing

List building, campaign planning, audience engagement, funnel building, reporting …


Ads Management*

Facebook, Instagram, Google, Youtube campaign setup, monitoring, optimisation & reporting …


SMS Marketing*

Have a sale, product launch or event? Text Message marketing might be the perfect solution!


Website Management

Images, scripts, plugins, backups, on page SEO, content writing, analytical tracking, design updates …



Blog posts, social media ads & posts, flyers, brochures, catalogues, press releases, press ads, emails …


Automated Bots

Customer service bots, automated functions, answer FAQ’s, book appointments, collect details …


Content Tracking

Link clicks, downloads, engagement rates, A/B testing, funnel & content optimisation


Landing Pages**

High converting landing pages for your digital marketing campaigns. Send users to page designed to drive interaction.

*Requires additional ad spend **Available only on Time to Grow and Pro Plans


We offer the below 3 pre-made packages but while these cover many businesses we understand all business are different so we are happy to create a custom package to meet your specific needs. Just contact us!

    $250/ monthly$50 per hour
    • Up to 5 Hours Per Month
    • Initial Planning Consultation
    • Monthly Report
    • Graphic Design, Web Design and Marketing Services
    • No Lock-In Contract
  • Time To Grow
    Most Popular
    $450/ monthly$45 Per Hour
    • Up to 10 Hours Per Month
    • Initial Planning Consultation
    • Monthly Report
    • Graphic Design, Web Design and Marketing Services
    • Advanced Content including Short Video and Infographics
    • Analytical Tracking of Content
    • No Lock-In Contract
    The Pro Plan
    $600/ monthly$40 per hour
    • Up to 15 Hours Per Month
    • Initial Planning Consultation
    • Monthly Report
    • All Content Options
    • Analytical Tracking of Content
    • No Lock-In Contract

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are additional hours available?

    Yes additional hours can be purchase at anytime during the month. During our initial planning session at the start of the month we will plan out our hours but if for any reason additional hours are required we can add on to any package.

    How many hours does it take to complete each project?

    This is an extremely common question, unfortunately it is difficult to answer because the time it takes to complete a design is dependant on many factors. For example if we are doing a flyer design, the project will be much faster if we are supplied with the text and images, whereas if we have to source images the project will take longer. Check out our article here about how to make the most of your packaged hours.

    How do I know how much work I can get done for each month?

    We offer an initial consultation/planning session where we are able to plan out the projects you would like completed, at this time we will also assign each project with a certain % of your hours so you will know how much work you will have done in each month before any payment is made.

    Do you offer a planning session?

    Yes, each month starts with a planning session. This allows us to set goals and expectations for the months work.

    Can I upgrade my package during the month?

    Of course you can! This can be discussed when required and hours added would be priced at the hourly rate of the next package. For example if you begin the month on the “Starter Plan” and use your 5 hours but need another project complete that requires 2 hours work your monthly fee would be $340 ($250 for the Starter Plan + 2 hours at the rate of the “Grow Plan” – $90).

    Do you outsource the work?

    No 100% of the work is done here in Australia.

    What are the benefits of using a Marketing Virtual Assistant?

    A business owners biggest asset is time! You have built a business around a skill, passion or hobby so hiring a Marketing Virtual Assistant allows you to spend time on your business, doing the things you love!

    Is there an option for a no lock in contract service?

    Our packages are month to month, no lock in contracts, no long term deals – no need to worry.

    Are printing costs included in your prices?

    No printing is not included in our package prices. Any brochures, posters, flyers, catalogues, signage or other printed materials will be an additional cost. We have plenty of contacts though in these industries and are more then happy to help source quotes for you when necessary.


Why Visual Content Matters


We are visual creatures, images allow us to process information within a very short period of time the human brain able to recognise a familiar object within 100 milliseconds and a familiar face within 380 milliseconds – not bad!

Marketing On A Budget


As a small business owner it is critical that you are smart when it comes to your marketing, this guide will assist you in making a big impression no matter how small (or big) your budget is! Get the guide today!

Let’s Book a Consultation

The first step is an initial consultation, here MWW Creative can learn about your business, current marketing efforts, goals and possible avenues to success. Depending on your goals we will choose one of our pre-determined packages or create a new one as well as define how we will use your hours for the month. We do this so you know exactly what you are getting before any commitment is made!

Consultations will require less then 30 minutes of your time and can take place via phone, email, zoom or other methods. To book your consultation fill in the contact form and let us know a time that best suits you.

Also please include any info about your business including name, website, social media links – anything that we should know to assist our planning before the consultation.

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