TK Sportz Printz Logo Design Case Study


K Sportz Printz is a Geelong based small business who contacted MWW Creative to help create their brand, after viewing our Facebook Page.  TK offer a unique product, not available anywhere else in Australia and needed branding that matched, as they say on the website “Here at TK Sportz Printz our goal is to help celebrate the greatest running achievement – crossing the finish line”.

In the initial meeting Donna and Paul outlined the uses for the logo – branding, stationery, website and social media site, the target audience – athletes and fun-runners of all ages, and indicated a few styles and colours that they liked, for example as a Geelong business they liked the idea of using Blue in the logo but were also conscience of wanting to stand out.

From this meeting it was time to complete some research – looking at branding for marathons, fun runs, sporting events and fitness and website blogs. From here, and with a strong understanding of the target audience, it was time to get into some concepts. We created  4 concepts in total but for the purpose of this article I will focus on the eventual logo and how it came about.

The idea of utilising a figure within the logo was a focus from early discussions with Donna and Paul, and early conceptual drawings focused on this idea.

Whilst I thought some of these ideas had merit I wasn’t sold on them appealing to the correct target market which resulted in more research. Looking at images of Marathon runners and other athletes gave me further inspiration – the stereotypical image of a runner crossing the line arms raised in a euphoric state proved the ultimate inspiration and summed up the brand nicely.

Using this imagery I put together the following concepts to Donna and Paul.

The next step in the process was to further develop the colours and fonts and in conjunction with the clients we created many versions with different colour combinations, layouts and fonts. This is a normal part of the process and we worked through many colours weighing up the appeal to the target audience and various uses. Some of the revised concepts can be seen below.


This is the finalised logo Paul and Donna chose:

We all felt the logo summed up the brand well and would appeal to the target audience. The rainbow gradients in the “K” element represent the celebration of completing a run, whether that be a marathon or shorter fun run, this is a feeling all runners can associate with. The fonts are bold and clear, allowing the logo to be understood even when used at a smaller scale, such as on a business card or in a crowded environment such as a Facebook Page. The simple shapes and fonts also ensure the longevity of the brand by not relying on trends or gimmicks to attract attention.

MWW Creative then finalised the branding by creating letterheads, email signatures, business cards and social media graphics. In the coming weeks we would also help to develop various print and social media ads. Examples of these can be seen below.

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