What is a Facebook Messenger Bot?

Facebook Messenger Bots are capable of answering queries and executing tasks such as providing links to info, booking appointments or qualifying leads.

While the Facebook Messenger bots live on Facebook you can also utilise it on your website as an alternative to a live chat and create links that are shareable on a range of sites and apps.

How a Facebook Bot can help your business!

When we consider that Facebook Messenger is in the top 5 used apps in the world,  there are many opportunities for us business owners when it comes to Bots. Bots have shown open rates of over 90%, much higher then email marketing campaigns which are often lost in cluttered email inboxes.

Here are a few of the advantages of using Messenger Bots:

Directly Engage With Your Audience

Various studies have told us that people are up to 4 times more likely to open a Facebook Message as they are to open an email and with options provided for users to reply simply by selecting a predetermined option, in the form of a button, click through rates and conversions rates are also much higher.

Another great advantage of Messenger Bots is that you are able to send direct message to subscribers in the form of “Sponsored Messages” – these are an alternative to Facebook Ads based on interests or customer groups and allow you to segment users into specific groups based on services or level of interest and send specific messages to these people.

Identify and Qualify Leads

Rather then waste time speaking to tyre kickers and window shoppers your bot can do the hard work for you, answering FAQ’s and providing additional resources as required. Once the lead provides all the required info or reaches a level of interest/engagement that indicates they are ready to take action you can switch over to a human. You can also have the Bot collect users details such as phone numbers and email addresses so future communication is made easier.

Save Time and Build Rapport 

Bots instantly answer users queries, there is no waiting for a salesperson to come online, no need to wait for another customers query to be dealt with – no need for your customer to wait. By instantly replying you are also able to instil trust in your prospective customers by showing you are able to assist them when they need assistance.

Best Practices for Messenger Bots

Be clear customers are speaking with a Bot not a human

It is important to be honest with your customers and tell them, if it is not clear, they are speaking to a bot. This builds trust in your brand through honest communication and also instantly sets expectations for the conversation. It is a great idea to have the option to “Talk to a human” as one of your clickable buttons or setup up as a keyword so users always have the option to not engage with the bot if wanted.

Segment Users

If your business offers multiple services or you have multiple target audiences it is important you group these users by specific tags. For example with our Bots we groups customers by the services we offer, for example web design, graphic design and marketing – we are then able to send messages to web design prospects specifically about web design – increasing engagement.

Save Data to external forms

If you are using your Bot to collect info such as phone numbers or email addresses make sure you are sending this data straight to an external form. This saves manually having to drag the info from the messages and import it into your chosen app/program.

A common use of these bots is to use them as a gateway for a product download. For example we could message our following with a link to “Small Business Marketing On A Budget” guide, a downloadable PDF – in order to receive the file we could ask users to enter their email address, once confirmed we could send that email straight to our email marketing program and have an email sent to the user containing the PDF. This way we now have the users contact through Facebook Messenger and Email – allowing more options for follow ups conversations and increasing the chances of a conversion.

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